Friday, 20 November 2009

Tidy Friday

I decided to try on a few more pieces of my vintage, this was last years eBay buy, it looks early 40s, the inverted pleats look very 30s. it was listed at a higher starting price, so as a result no one bidded, apart from me, I probably paid something like £43 including postage and packaging. It has incredibley tassel detail which, won my heart, I didn't wear it at christmas, I will do this year.
Today I'm going to wear it to do the cleaning, only hoovering, mop day is tomorrow.

I was orginally gonna wear this but, Im not quite their, my arms are still fat, but by looking at photos they always were a little, so today I have used up the last of the baking supplies so everything will be back to normal.
This dress was the must expensive vintage dress I have ever bought, it came from a london shop called Cloud Cuckoo Nine, it cost £90, think I had to put it on the credit card at the time, but it sure is nice.

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