Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I baked a brownie using cups, the scales have given up the ghost and they require special batteries! They came out fine, but I used the wrong dish so they took longer to cook and the chocolate bits inside melted, must try harder next time.

Brownie love

Interview Outfit
I had a interview, but hope I don't get it, that's probably a weird thing to say but its near impossible to get two part-time jobs, let along one.Update : I did not get it.
However it was a chance to see a new part of town called Barkingside, which had a fair few charity shops were I picked up a basic black wrap round dress for £2.25 and thought I should update my nail paint collection with a grey and red shade from Barry M, two for £5 from Superdrug. Update: The nail varnish is going strong, good coverage, avoid washing up.

Dress this season Primark £15, it meant to be a empire line smock style but if you are curvy, smocks make you look fat, so a belt makes it look all so chic and flattering. I love the boob area, you can show off a little coverage, without showing flesh at all.
The coat is a heavy cotton trench coat by Gap, from a Sale, 3 years on still going strong! Could do with a redye to refreshen.

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