Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday Wishing on Ebay

While eating my Friday treat of pizza and homemade chips, Friday is always Pizza night it must be pepporani and either by Goodfellas or Chicago Town. I started Ebay browsing, Im always looking, to find that amazing item, and now it looks like my items will sell, please for a good price! These items tend to turn up when you need to tighten the purse strings, usually I would sell something to cover the cost of the item I've just bought, but Im finding it hard to get things to sell for a decent price, I have some amazig vintage fans, large burlesque style, for the last three months these have not being selling on Ebay, last week one sold for £35.00, Im tempted to sell one but as they cost me £40, per item, and they hard to find, Im going to hold onto them.

If I had £195 I would buy this, but how would I store it?

Velvet is in this winter.

If I can only get one thing, it would be the bottom pair, but why couldnt have they been listed next week, hope no one bids.

I have always wanted a nice vintage cardigan

Wow I have some funds coming my way and would like a new outfit for christmas, hopeful this can be it.

I love this 3 piece but I would have to became a bullamic to fit in to it.


  1. Ooh, I like the cupboard/shelf! I hate finding nice furniture not being able to a) store it or b) really pay for it.

    Watch out for hungover ebay browsing, then you might skip the a's and b's and click away a little too much!

  2. The drinks bar is amazing, why do these things come around when you dont have the dosh! Note to myself must start saving.


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