Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Dilemma

Now that I sold my Jakob Bengel necklace at half its purchasing, ouch! Don't feel too bad for me I didn't over pay, plus I didn't really like it, their were two necklaces, usually I would buy both, but I choose the wrong one. I have 5 other bengel necklaces, which I wont ever sell as I love them, even the unfinished one, yes I bought unfinished jewellery, I am the ultimate collector.
So with my funds I was planning to buy a dress from millstreet vintage, and another dress Im watching, but now lots of Beswick has gone on sell. Clothes or rare pottery?
These are my top three choices, I wont be buying all three, just one, as I still want the millstreet vintage Dress.

I sent an email to my Uncle to think about being this for me for christmas!

This butter dish is better then the other but would I bid up to £30, probably not.

It says that this it meant to be a sugar, bowl, but mine has a lid.

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