Thursday, 19 November 2009

Didn't Want to Jinx it

This isn't the item that, I was prepared to put on the credit card, but I thought it was nice, and since its all faded, I thought it would go for a low price, but that's now unlikely, how comes vintage on eBay goes for so much in USA, but my stuff goes for peanuts? Yes its all nice stuff, I buy it from America.
I was going to stay up to bid for it, but its not worth it, so I'm going to watch the repeat of Enid on BBC Four instead.

Update it went for a ridiculous price of £68.00

I really like this dress being auctioned by linengirls, but the fake ebidder's has striked again, why else would an item go up 3 times its orginal price over a period of half an hour when theirs still two days to go?

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