Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I'm desperate to bid for something, I didn't get the sweet little millstreet vintage dress I was after, but Ive found 5 other dresses, I like just as much, but more then likely will go for more then they are worth as it's christmas.
To get away from the need to buy something, from eBay, I baked my brownies again, which turned out great, even though I didn't follow the recipe, exactly, I reduced the amount to produce less brownies, used a different sugar, caster rather then golden caster sugar. Added more lines to my short story on vintage clothing. Its has always been a thing of my to record the circumstances of my vintage collection for the future generation. My mother has my grandfather's top hat, it was made by new bond street tailors in London, it was made to measure, during its day it would of been an expensive purchase. It also creates questions when my family settled into the UK the hat dates early then the 50s, which is when my family was left to believe was when we migrated to the UK? Also why would my Great Grandfather need such a grand hat?
Its also very hard to trace my family history, as the majority of the family are deceased, the rest went to Atlanta in the 50's, and my maternal grandmother was adopted so her true family name is unknown.

picture from -old pictures of black people group

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