Wednesday, 4 November 2009

In the Post

Yesterday was a better day I found £1.35 while cleaning, and my Beswick cup and saucer, (technically its a TV set) came it was better then expected, the seller described the plate as having two chips, but score, they are underneath, so not noticeably at all.

My Beswick Circus collection so far, it started with a Toast Rack I bought from Carnaby street for £45, two years ago, in hindsight I should have hold out on Ebay as due to their abundance they were selling for less the £10. I then bought a 3 piece set which consisted of a toast rack, crey dish and sugar pot for less then £20. I sold on the other toast rack and then got the salt and pepper shaker and egg cup.
I'm almost close to a breakfast set just need a tea pot, and a milk jug.
Iv been coveting Beswick Circus every since I saw it in Millers Guide to Collecting the 50's this book was to be my main reference guide for buying vintage in London.
I always, thought it was a shame they didn't produce a book that covered the 40's as well in the same format, after all 40s stuff is still accessible to buy.

Rolo was happy too, he has a thing for boxes and carrier bags, I nice new box to play in for a day.

Whats this? It survived the postman, well wrapped indeed.

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