Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Yesterday, I had the shock of my life, the person I thought I was trying to form a relationship with annnounced through facebook he was seeing someone else. Obvious I am furious, because I suspect my other friend knew this (he told me they were best friends and told each other everything), but decided to side with her other friend, which shows me were I am in the pecking order of friendship. Another reason im upset is he was whooing her at the same time as me, thirdly I hate time wasters who only became friendly with you to use you, he has not contacted me since he got what he wanted twice over, creep, so I have deleted them from the facebook, removed them from my phone. TTYN peeps.
On a sad day like this I would but on a vintage dress, but I have worn everything I have, so have bought this for £22. Goodbye Beswick you wont dry my tears.

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