Monday, 9 November 2009

Baby Its Cold Outside

Its freezing outside and its freezing inside, to have central heating!
I spent the last two days in the warmest place, my bed, and what better time to look at vintage coats. When I was 14 I was given a 50s wool coat with a 24 inch waist, I wore it everywhere and with everything, when I was 17 I gave it away, as I could know longer fit into it, what a fool I was, not that I can ever fit back into it, but it would of been nice to pass on.

This coat is adorable, I have no problem with vintage fur as it was a by product, animals were not killed purely for fur, the meat was used to, I don't agree with modern fur industry, I think it is disgusting and so wasteful. I watched a program on how beef burgers were made and how hearts were used to bulk out the meat, I didn't realise they were so well made! It was funny that people pretended to be sick when they heard their was hearts in it. The irony is they would be happy to eat a Kebab which has skin and groin in it and fat, yum, yum.
Vintage Collectibles n Clothing 4 u

I love the big collar its very modern looking.
Dollface Vintage Clothing

This coat is so chic! I may have to watch it just in case.
Essentially Chic Vintage!

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