Monday, 23 November 2009

I definitely need a Job

I definitely need a job or to get back into making, but I plan to be creative this week and make a leather purse bag for my steampunk costume, and other leather accessories. Do some restoration work, on a vintage item which, basically means to me sewing bits if material onto a dress to hide tears.
I cant remember the time I last attempted to make something, I made a hat in the autumn which wasn't what I hoped for and regrettable left my overlocker at my aunts, si I cant make up any jersey tops. I have hot fingers, which is why I seem to be posting about ebay alot.

Credit Card Worthy
Iv been looking at this two piece from capriconvintage since last week, I like this two piece, the top would fit but the skirt would be too small, but its unusually, and sizing hasn't stopped me before. But just in case I'm tempted I will blog about instead, that will jinx it.

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