Monday, 23 November 2009

The story of The Four That dont Fit

The first is a navy blue evening dress with knife pleating hem, I dieted especially to wear it as it was a little snug and haven't worn it since. I also made the mistake of washing it not realising that the knife pleats were pressed in, and now I would have to painstakingly put them back in, 3 years on I have not. I keep it to mainly marvel of the slimness of my frame to be able to fit but its possible that it actual has shrunk.
The other dress is a 60s chiffon red dress, that I had been adoring form Dorothy Closet, when they still traded on eBay. It was original a very high price, and I picked up when it had been reduced. Its in almost perfect condition, and I keep it mainly because I will give it my future daughter for her prom.

The other dress is I couldn't resist it was from my favourite vintage shop, and I wanted it not to have been a wasted journey so bought it. I over paid its not in the best condition and petticoat was stiffened with sugar and this has crumbled, but I will lose the stone needed to fit into it in the next 6months.

I have four dresses, that don't fit
The last dress I bought from eBay again was too small 34inch bust, but it was deadstock and has the cutest horse and carriage print, I have tried to sell it twice at a starting price of £19.99 but now I going to hold onto it.

And the wardrobe that keeps on giving

I have four dresses, that don't fit

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