Thursday, 12 November 2009


This week I feel angry, I blame hormones, and fake eBay bidders, pushing up the prices! I want to smash things, and be rude, so today I thought I should wear something nice and eat bread. I thought I would channel the Ugly Betty look, as the character is looking really fashionable, and now the actress is thinner she can pull of a puffa coat! Its probably a Marc Jacobs, but still, a puffa coat! The cardigan is from the 90s a charity shop buy from my Gran. Ten years ago my Gran went to a charity and picked up two vintage sequin cardigans, and gave them to her two youngest daughters, one was a vintage enthusiast the other a city girl. I was terribly jealous, I wanted one! So my Granny promised to buy me one if she ever found one again.
The dress was from eBay, America I got it for a good price as it didn't picture well, but was a beauty.
I wear about 20% of my wardrobe, 50% is vintage, out of that 25% of it is dressy, 10% doesn't fit. I don't wear my vintage much as I think its under appreciated by most of my friends, and I also worry about keeping it clean. The other 21% of wardrobe is stuff I like to keep nice, so I don't wear it as much, I don't buy things because they are fashionable, I don't have a fashionable shape, I like to buy things because they are classic and will last and to be honest you will never know when things will change and you have to cut back. And that 9% well its the summer wear, which could still come out if I add cardigans and 60 denier tights.
Update: I give up selling on eBay, the fees are too much, if you only sell on off, and then paypal takes it cut, and then the postage and packaging is only enough just cover that, and for some things you cant even charge for that!No wonder eBay seems to be full of it buy it now, that's the only way to recuperate your costs. Rubbish, going to Etsy.

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